Memorable Spring Fling Fundraiser Features Jane Seymour

When Jane Seymour visited St. Cloud in May 2017 to be part of CentraCare’s Spring Fling fundraiser, she talked about the importance of keeping your heart open. So, it was only fitting that while here, she dedicated a replica of her Open Heart sculpture that is now permanently displayed at the entrance of the CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center. Gene and Sheelah Windfeldt, who hosted Seymour during her visit, funded the sculpture.

As the featured guest at Spring Fling 2017, Seymour shared inspiring stories about her life, experiences and the personal ups and downs that have shaped who she is today. She also held a Q&A with the nearly 600 people who attended the event at the River’s Edge Convention Center. The event raised more than $190,000 for the CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center and St. Benedict’s Senior Community.

Seymour, who is most known for her lead role in the TV series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” is also an accomplished artist. While in St. Cloud, Seymour took time to meet with seniors at St. Benedict’s Senior Community where she led a watercolor art class for residents. “Really, I started painting as a way to heal myself,” said Seymour. “The next thing I knew, I couldn’t stop. It was totally healing for me and as you can see today, I don’t want to stop.”

Funds raised from the event are being used to support numerous programs, including resuscitation care at the CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center and arts programming at St. Benedict’s Senior Community.

The 2018 Spring Fling event will be April 12 at the Paramount Center for the Arts.




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